*** 1999 ROAR Region One On-Road Championships at CRC Raceway ***

SpeedMerchant drivers' Jacob Pritchard and Eric Desrosiers take 1st and 2nd with their Rev.3's in a field of SIX National Champions!

Due to a heavy workload at school Jake hasn't raced his Rev.3 since November of last year. Let's hear what he had to say...

'I put my Rev.3 down after not racing for months and the car was perfect. Tons of traction without scrubbing speed in the corners. The only one close to me in the main was my teammate Eric'.

What's Eric got to say...

'When you have drivers like Mike McMahon, Frank Calandra, and Mike Dumas in the rear view mirror, you're real happy you're driving a Rev.3!
The track had just unbelievable grip, even more than Cleveland, but my Rev.3 didn't get edgy or scrub speed at all. It was awesome all weekend long'.