*** 2000 ROAR Carpet On-Road Championships - Minnreg, FL ***

SpeedMerchant Wins Both 1/12th and 1/10th Stock National Titles!!!

Team driver's Eric Desrosiers and Bruce Carbone bring home the 2000 1/12th and 1/10th R.O.A.R. National Titles with their SpeedMerchant on-road cars.

Eric continued his winning ways by Top Qualifying and winning the 2000 On-Road Nationals against some of the toughest competition this season.
'The Minnreg facility was awesome and the officials ran a great race. All week long my Rev.3 just got better and better. By the time the mains came around I knew I could win if I didn't make any mistakes.' - Eric D.

Congratulations on your Triple Crown and R.O.A.R. National Titles Eric and thank you for all your hard work.
Rounding out the rest of the 1/12th scale A main were 4 other Rev.3 drivers. That gave SpeedMerchant 5 out of 10 cars in the Stock A main!
Congratulations to Bruce Carbone, Scott Jacques, Shawn Wright and Mark Smyka for their A Main finishes.

In 1/10th Stock Bruce's RoadKill 10 lead the way with 2 out of 3 wins in the Triple A Main format!
'My RoadKill 10 has literally been hanging in my closet since last year. I took it out and it was dialed' - Bruce C.

In 1/12th Modified, Rev.3 driver Jake Pritchard ended up 3rd overall breaking up a Trinity sweep.
'It's hard racing against guys that obviously have better batteries than you do. But, my Rev.3 helps even the score'. - Jake P."