*** 2002 ROAR Carpet Nationals - Stockton, CA ***

SpeedMerchant Top Qualifies and Wins 1/12th Stock & 1/12th Scale Masters

R.O.A.R. On-Road Nats.
S.T.R.C. Hobbies and Raceway
Stockton, CA
March 22nd-24th 2002

Just back from California....What a great race.

Scott Tomasello and the S.T.R.C. crew did a superb job of running the show and had an awesome facility to run it from!!!

Team SpeedMerchant was greeted by a large track with a nice layout, tall driver's stand, plenty of clean well-lit pits, well stocked hobby shop and a tastey on site snack bar.

How'd the race go?

Chalk up TWO more National Titles for Team SpeedMerchant!!!

Lets start with 1/12th Master's class.

SpeedMerchant driver David Lee absolutely dominated the Master's class by top qualifying in every round and winning the first two A Mains for the National Title!

Lets hear what David have to say about his big win...

'This is what it's all about. You practice all season for the Nats.
It's nice to have a car like the Rev.3 that lets me drive to my ability.
I was a little down on horsepower, but my Rev.3 made up so much time on the infield I won every round of qualifying and the Triple A Mains! I'm very happy'
-David Lee

In 1/12th Stock T.J. Bradley Top Qualified and Won the Triple A Main format.

'My Rev.3 was just perfect.
Coming off the back straight there were a couple of high speed bumps that really cost the other guys.
My Rev.3's unique suspension allowed me to pull several feet in that section every lap.
The car was dialed!'
-T.J. Bradley

In addition to T.J.'s TQ and win, six other Stock A Main drivers chose SpeedMerchant Rev.3's.

That's makes 70% of the A Main driving SpeedMerchant Rev.3's!!!

Cogratulations to Bruce Carbone, Rich Martsolf, Andrew Carwright, Alex Lopez, Scott Jacques and Charles Ferrari for their 12th A-Main runs also.

Great job guys!!!