*** 2003 US Indoor Champs - Cleveland, Ohio ***

Race Repot:
2003 U.S. Indoor Championships
The 'Superbowl of R/C'
Thanksgiving Week, Cleveland Ohio

With over 500 entries this looked to be one of most competitive races in R/C history!
How'd the team do? How about Top Qualifying the most prestigious race of the Season!
Not only did Mo Denton TQ the Indoor Champs, He TQ'd in 3 out or 4 rounds! In fact, if not for a radio glitch at the end of the 1st qualifier, he would have TQ'd EVERY Round!

When it was all said and done, Mo was Top Qualifyer by 3 Seconds! Usually at the Champs, the entire A-Main is within 3-seconds from 1st-10th.

Mo and his Rev.3 were clearly the class of the field, all week long. Let's hear what he had to say about the race...
'My Rev.3 was 'money' all week long.' 'Everytime I put it down, it just got quicker and quicker.' 'There were a couple of cars that would hang with me for the first few minutes, but after that, I just drove away.' 'My Rev.3 was so efficient, it just never slowed down like the other guys cars.' 'I was consistantly one or two tenths faster than anyone else in the last minute of the races.' - Mo Denton

Joing Mo in the A-Main was ROAR National Champion Alex Lopez, and Richard Chang.

Great Job Guys!