Donny Lia TQ's and Wins Cleveland 2008

Donny Lia Dominates the 2008 In-Door Champs

*** Race Report ***

After taking the win at the International In-Door Champs in Vegas this year, Donny Lia was a favorite going into Cleveland, but... we all know, the Cleveland race is THE pinnacle for 12th scale Stock racing in the U.S. It's truly "smack-dab" in the heartland of 12th scale. Usually, the A-Main at the In-Door Champs is covered by just a second or so. Not this year....Donny and his Rev.5 TQ'd by over 4 SECONDS!!!

Let's hear what Donny had to say...

'It's really not fair. My Rev.5 has so much more corner speed than the competition, it's just easy. After a couple of minutes into the race, I can see my Rev.5 just pull away from the guys behind me in every corner. The car is so efficient that it barely drops off over 8-minutes. By the end of the race, the competition has dropped of a half second or so, and my Rev.5 is only a couple tenths off from the start.'

Thanks Donny...and great racing. Congrats!!!

You can check out Donny's Winning Rev.5 HERE

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