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Above the new Rev.5L battery pocket design is secure while producing the lowest possible center of gravity.

To the right you can see the new 3.7 WGT chassis as well as our 7.4 WGT chassis.

Again, if you currently own a SpeedMerchant World GT car, either of these chassis will be available as an conversion for your current kit.

If you are at a track that races "Outlaw" WGT 7.4 cars, but you would also like to travel to "Big" races and run the National Level 3.7 class..... you're in luck. We will be offering a small (and light weight) filler plate that will cover one of the "pockets" on the 7.4 chassis, which will allow you to run a 3.7 Lipo on one side of your car, and move your electronics to the other side for near perfect balance.

Our 235mm car (not pictured) has the same WGT 7.4 chassis, with a Formula Front Plate that is 35mm wider (Duh), and a wider rear pod/axle set. We should have pics of the 235mm car up after the Nats.