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*** Novak GTB Install ***

Hi Guys, I've gotten a lot of e-mails asking about whether the new Novak GTB system fits in a 12th scale, and if so..... how?

We actually started testing the Novak brushless systems a couple of seasons ago, and they have always been really fast and very efficient. Now with Novak offering a 13.5 stock motor equivalent, the interest in fitting one in a 12th scale has really grown.

So here are couple of pictures of the new Novak 4-cell brushless speed control and 13.5 motor installed in one of our Rev 4.5's.

The installation was pretty easy. Here is a list of the small things I did to make for a "clean install"

  • Solder the battery wires to the underside of the speed control
  • Heated up the 3 motor wires from underneath, and angled them towards the chassis center
  • Soldered the big cap wires to the underside and routed them around the ESC
  • I made a small Lexan "L" shaped piece and servo taped it to the side of the ESC to guide the sensor wires
  • I have one loose fitting small tie-wrap on the tweak brace to hold the sensor wires up
  • I carefully removed the fiber backing on the motor tabs and then bent them at a 90 degree angle
  • I removed a small amount of carbon fiber on the top plate to make a little more room for the Blue motor wire

    That's about it. Not really too difficult considering that once you get it in there, it's basically maintenance free!
    I hear from my friends on the West coast that you can really gear these systems tall, so I suggest you start your testing with a smaller spur gear.

    Feel free to e-mail us anytime if you need set-up help, and here is a direct link to Novak for more information on the GTB systems.

    Have fun.-Bruce