Rev 4.5 Conversion Part #1415

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SpeedMerchant is proud to introduce the Rev 4.5 4-bolt rear pod conversion for your Rev 2, 3 & 4 series chassis.

The conversion includes a new 4-bolt top plate, a new wider bottom plate, and a set of IRS lowered 4-bolt pod plates.

What's different?
  • First, lets see what hasn't changed. The suspension geometry is exactly the same as your Rev.4. The VCS shock mounts in the same position, the damper tubes mount in the same position, and all three suspension pivot balls are located in the exact same position as before.
  • Top Plate: The new top plate is wider than the old 3-hole top plate, it is also machined on the motor side so your motor washer does not rub against the carbon fiber. We've also "beefed up" around the 4 mounting holes to add strength.
  • Bottom Plate: The new bottom plate is wider than before, and allows the user to "drop" the motor in and out of the car thru the new larger opening. Because of the increase in size of the newer style motors, as well as the use of aluminum end bells, and finally, the maturation of brushless technology, we found it necessary to re-measure (size and weight) the motors to come up with a new off-set for our rear pods. We've also added a small drill point mark on the center line of the bottom plate to give racers an easy point of reference when balancing their chassis.
  • Pod Plates: The polished aluminum IRS pod plates have the ride height lowered .090 so you can run much smaller tires. This allows you to get a ton more life out of your tires resulting is a lot of money saved throughout the course of a season. Additionally, a smaller tire/rim combination has a much lower rotating mass which equals quicker acceleration and better motor/battery efficiency. Finally, a smaller foam side wall has much less "deflection", and makes the chassis corner quicker and generally, just feel more "planted" while driving.

    The results are a better balanced car for today's larger motors, a slightly lower CG which, is always good, and the ability to "slam" your racing body even lower than before. When looking at the pod from the side, the top of the motor actually sits above the carbon fiber top plate, while the bottom of the motor is flush with the bottom plate.

    The Conversion kits are available by clicking HERE.