Donny does it Again.
Total Domination at the Birds!

Donny Lia and his Rev.5 TQ & Win the Snowbird Nats!!!

*** Race Report ***

We just got back from the SnowBird Nationals in Orlando Florida. This is a super race put on by Mike Boylan and his race crew. The race is a 7 day event featuring 24 hour racing broke up evenly between road course and oval racing.

Going into this race the big question on everyone's mind was... Can Donny Lia pull off the trifecta? Win Vegas, Cleveland & the Birds all in the same racing season?

The answer....a resounding YES!

Not only did Donny TQ the event, he won the A-Main by OVER 5 SECONDS!!! Just absolutely destroying all of the competition.

Great job Donny, and congratulations. It's been a loooong time since anyone has won all of the major on-road races in a single season.

See you at the Nats.-Bruce