Mike Dumas - IIC 2006 Vegas - TQ and 1st Place Modified

  • Protoform Speed12 Body cut at body line, mounted slightly back
  • JACO Double Pink Wrap front tires trued to 1.67", super glued outside about 3/4 sidewall
  • Two .033 aluminum caster shims under the front of each arm
  • .0080 camber shims
  • lowered front steering spindles = .033 lower
  • .020 front springs
  • SpeedMerchant part #5015 Aluminum Front Braces
  • JR Z3650 Digital Race Servo
  • SpeedMerchant #5031 Aluminum Straight Servo Mounts
  • SpeedMerchant #5054 Hollow Carbon Fiber roll over antenna
  • Novak GTX ESC
  • Novak Super Flex 16 gauge wire for motor
  • JR Synth Micro Rec.
  • Team Br00d IB4200 4-cell pack
  • 45 Weight silicone shock oil
  • Associated Red VCS spring
  • 1 degree of pod droop
  • New #5062 .23 Side Springs - about 1/8th of a turn pre-load
  • 20,000 Silicone fluid in damper tubes (10 and 30 mixed)
  • Team Br00d V2 10-Double Mike Dumas Signature Series motor
  • 29/100 gearing 64 pitch
  • JACO Double Pink Wrap rear tires trued to 1.77"

    The Vegas set-up was very close to what we always run. We went with a little heavier shock oil than normal, and the front tires were only glued about 3/4's of the sidewall. The track was relatively low grip, so finding a nice balance in the car was very important. Note: you can see the yellow paint and #118 on the chassis. These are chassis tech marks left over from the Worlds in Italy. As always, the car Mike uses (or any of our team guys) is the same car you get from your local hobby store or on-line. Nothing really special, just good preparation and some great driving.

    Take care.-Bruce

  • *** Warning Large Pictures ***