Donny Lia takes his Formula Rev.5
to the Winner's Circle

3 years running....SpeedMerchant takes the Vegas crown!

*** Race Report ***

Riviera Casino August 25-30th 2008 The 4th Annual International In-Door Championships

Another IIC....another win.

This year's IIC was moved back on the Vegas strip to the Riviera Hotel & Casino. The Hotel was recently remodeled and was very nice while retaining that "Old School" feel. Props to Scotty for getting us back on the strip this year. As always, Scotty Ernst, Boomer, Jamie, and the rest of the IIC crew did an awesome job of running the race. Every year they seem to out do themselves!

How'd they "out do" themselves this year??? How about the very 1st "Handout" Brushless Motor Race! With a lot of hard work, Scotty was able to secure a different Brushless Motor Sponsor for all of the hand out classes. This added a whole new twist into the racing scene. Going into the race there was a lot of trepidition..."how is it all going to work out?" The answer....Just Fine. The motors ran great, the competition was fierce, and the racer got a lot of "bang" for his entry "buck." Well done Scotty.

We had two other nice events during the race. On Tuesday night, instead of your standard Driver's Metting, the IIC race entrants were treated to a full dinner buffet! The meal was super and made for a much more enjoyable Driver's Meeting. Following practice on Wednesday, we had a really cool "Manufacturer Meet & Greet", that was set-up in a large room right across the hall from the main track area. This allowed the various "pro" racers & manufacturers to meet the IIC entrants, show off new products, and hopefully answer any questions about their products. The Meet & Greet went over very well, and I'm sure it's something we'll see implemented from now on.

The schedule was as follows:
  • Monday - Registration and set up your pits
  • Tuesday - 2 rounds of controlled practice followed by a driver's meeting/buffet
  • Wednesday - 2 rounds of controlled practice
  • Thursday - 2 rounds of qualifying followed by a resort
  • Friday - 2 more rounds of qualifying with a resort between quals 3 & 4
  • Saturday - Mains

    You can check out Donny's winning Formula Rev.5 by clicking HERE.

    As always, thank you to all of our sponsors that help make our cars the quickest on the track.
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    Have a great Autumn and Happy Racing! - Bruce