Rev.2      Rev.2      Rev.2

Holy Crap! How could the most incredible 1/12 scale car ever get better?

How could a manufacturer with a track record like SPEEDMERCHANT be improved?

  • No T-bar! “Speed-tune” Rear Suspension uses real coil springs.
  • Hip and trendy chassis cutouts... really impress your friends!
  • Repositioned batteries for improved performance. Getting rid of that darn T-plate puts the batteries in the middle of the car.
  • O-ring battery retention-quick + secure! That means no more fighting with tape and scissors!
  • New twin fluid tube damper for side to side control. Twice the tubes, makes twice the car. None of the sticking damper plate business.
  • U.S. Indoor Champions, Ohio
  • Winter Festival Champions, Michigan
  • Triple Crown Champions
  • Manufacturers' National Cup Champion
  • R.O.A.R. & N.O.R.R.C.A. National Champions