*** Warning Large Pictures***

Mike Dumas - Cleveland 2005 - TQ and 1st Place Modified

We've been getting a lot of e-mails and phone calls for pictures and the set-ups off of Mike's and Jake's cars from Cleveland. So here they are:

  • Protoform Speed12 Body cut at body line, mounted slightly back
  • JACO Double Pink Wrap front tires trued to 1.67", super glued inside and out
  • Two .033 aluminum caster shims under the front of each arm
  • .0080 camber shims
  • lowered front steering spindles = .033 lower
  • .020 front springs
  • SpeedMerchant part # 5015 Aluminum Front Braces
  • JR Z3650 Digital Race Servo
  • SpeedMerchant #5031 Aluminum Straight Servo Mounts
  • Novak GTX ESC
  • Novak Super Flex 16 gauge wire for motor
  • JR Synth Micro Rec.
  • Team Br00d IB3800 4-cell pack
  • 35 Weight silicone shock oil
  • Associated Red VCS spring
  • 1 degree of pod droop
  • Front of VCS shock raised by .090 = more on-power steering
  • White tweak springs with no pre-load = hovering 1mm above link end, static
  • 20,000 Silicone fluid in damper tubes
  • Team Br00d V2 10-Double Mike Dumas Signature Series motor
  • 29/100 gearing 64 pitch
  • JACO Double Pink Wrap rear tires trued to 1.77"

    That's it....no magic, just a pretty stock Rev.4 and some great driving.

    Jake's car was prepared almost identically, except he favored an Asc. Blue VCS spring and 10,000 weight silicone in his damper tubes.
    Jake also runs for KO, so he has a KO digital servo, and a KO receiver installed, as well as Team Checkpoint motors and batteries.

    Take care.-Bruce