Congratulations to Chuck Lonegran for Top Qualifying
and Winning the 2005 R.O.A.R. On-Road Carpet Nationals.

Chuck and his Rev.4 were simply a cut above the competition in a great week of racing at this year's Nationals. The R.O.A.R. Nationals feature a Triple A-Main format that assures the best driver/car combo rises to the top of the heap. Chuck went on to win the A-Mains in convincing fashion, weaving his Rev.4 thru traffic with ease.

Lets hear what Chuck has to say about his winning week...
'My Rev.4 was just a pleasure to drive. Stock racing is just so competitive, that you need every advantage you can get, and my Rev.4 was the difference at this years Nats. My car just carried so much more corner speed than the guys I was racing, that I knew every lap, I could pull away from them on the twisty in-field section.'

Not only did Chuck win the Mains, but he had the quickest individual lap times, as well as finishing his runs with even a bigger lap-time gap over his competitors than at the beginning of the race. That's a direct result of the design efficiency of the Rev.4 chassis.

Chuck's Rev.4 was powered by Novak electronics and batteries, JACO tires, and topped with a Protoform Speed 12 body. A winning combination!