*** Welcome to Team SpeedMerchant's On-Line shop ***

On the next few pages you can order all of our products, and have them delivered to your door in just a few days.

The shop is broken down into four major sections:

Full Kits = All of our current racing cars.

Kits, Conversions & Parts = Parts for all of the SpeedMerchant line of cars, and some things that can be used on other Mfg's cars.

Hardware = Our entire line of $1.99 Stainless Steel hardware, as well as many, many more nuts, bolts, screws, ball-ends, etc.

Springs & Accessories = Our line of proprietary Springs as well as Optional Accessories

***Shipping ***

All U.S. orders are shipped U.S. Postal Priority Mail at a flat rate of $8.50.

Small International orders are sent U.S. Post International 1st Class, again for $8.50.

Larger International orders are sent U.S. Post International Priority. Those International customers will be sent a PayPal shipping request for the actual cost of the Priority shipment, usually between $25.00-$35.00 dollars.

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If you ever get confused just click on the "Shopping Information" link on the bottom of each screen to return here.

Enjoy yourself, have fun, and Happy Racing!

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