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smr1875 1/10th Scale 235mm RoadKill 10 Competition Kit

  • 1/10th Scale 235mm RoadKill 10 Racing Chassis
  • The Original Link & Spring Speed-Tune Racing Suspension
  • SpeedMerchant Linear Tweak Springs (.018 included)
  • Aero Space Grade Carbon Fiber Components
  • Exclusive SpeedMerchant Machined Damper Tubes
  • New Low CG Black Anodized Laser Inscribed Aluminum Pod Plates
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Through-Out
  • HPS2 Hard Coated Super Shock
  • Full Racer Ball Bearing Set
  • Exclusive SpeedMerchant New School Front Suspension
  • New Black Anodized Laser Inscribed Front Suspension Mounts
  • New Black Anodized Aluminum Steering Blocks
  • Hardened Steel Front Axles
  • Servo Mounts With Hardware
  • New LOGO Molded SpeedMerchant Side Links
  • Team IRS Pro Axle/Differential Set
  • Adjustable Roll Center
  • Adjustable "Rear Steer"
  • Transverse or In-Line Battery Placement
  • 1.5" Inches of Battery Weight Bias using a Brick Pack in Transverse Mode
  • Kit Includes TWO Shock Mounts for Brick or Stick Pack
  • Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Included

    Needed To Complete The Kit:
  • Electronics/Radio System
  • 7.4 Brick Pack, 7.4 Stick Pack, 7.4 Shorty or 3.7 Stick
  • 540 Base Motor
  • Tires/Wheels
  • 1/10th 235mm Body (Very cool Team SAXO 235mm available HERE)
  • Medium Servo Saver (upper/outer holes for correct Ackerman)
  • Steering Tie Rods and 4-40 Plastic Ball Cups
  • $475.00 $329.95

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