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World GT4-Rubber to RoadKill 10 Conversion

This conversion will transform your current 200mm World GT4-Rubber tire car into a 235mm 'Pro 10' car, with the exact same width and wheelbase as our RoadKill 10 Full Race Kit.

  • 2.5mm Carbon Fiber Bottom Plate
  • 2.5mm Carbon Fiber Top Plate
  • 1) 4-40 x 1/2 inch Button Head, 1) 1/4 inch Hex Spacer & 1) 4-40 Female Ball Stud
    (Used to Space Up The Rear Shock Mount)
  • 2.5mm Carbon Fiber Back Plate
  • Left & Right Side 3mm Carbon Fiber Front Width & Wheelbase Adapters
  • 4) 8-32 x 7/16 inch Pan Head Screws & 4) 8-32 Low Profile Aluminum Lock Nuts
    (Used to Attach the Front Adapters)
  • 2) 1 inch Aluminum Shock Mount/Battery Hold-Down Stand-Offs
    (For 7.4 Shorty or Stick Pack Clearance)

    Needed To Complete The Kit:
  • 2 and 1/4 inch Steering Turnbuckles
  • 235mm/Pro 10 Size Rear Axle Set

    Due to the fact that a lot of people have old Pro 10/235mm cars in the closets/garages/etc. we've decided not to include the rear axle set in with this conversion to keep the cost much lower.

    If you need an axle set, we have the best one on the market, the IRS #2135 235mm Pro Axle Set. This is the same axle set that comes with our RoadKill 10 235mm Race Kit.

    Our part number is smr1544 and you should also order smr1435 Aluminum Rear Axle Spacer, to have a perfectly centered rear axle with zero extra shims.

    If you have the optional World GT Front Bumper, you will have to Dremel a small amount of carbon fiber off by the mounting screws to allow clearance for the Front Suspension Adapters. As always, when working with carbon fiber you should wear gloves, eye protection and work in a well lit and well ventilated area.

    If you need a 235mm body, SpeedMerchant imports the very popular and great handling Team SAXO LMP. Available HERE
  • $74.95 $59.95

    World GT4 Foam Conversion shown.
    GT4-Rubber is the exact same kit, except the front suspension adapters are a few milimeters wider.

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