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New School Black Carpet Reactive Kit

Team SpeedMerchant 5 Degree Reactive Blocks (L & R)
Team Associated Upper Arms (2)
1-72 x 1/8" Button Heads (2)
Team Associated Upper Arm Eyelets (2)
Delrin Pivot Balls (2)
Upper Arm Hinge Pins (2)
Upper Arm Turnbuckles 3mm x 19mm (2)
4-40 x 1/4" Cap Heads (4)
Plastic King Pin Spacers (4)
Plastic Caster Shims (6)
.02" King Pin Shims (4)

Note: The Suspension Blocks come 3d printed in White. They are very easy to color black with just a Sharpie permanent marker.
$29.95 $29.95

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